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Wilderness Emergency Survival Kit Jr | R & R Outdoor Survival

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This compact and lightweight survival kit is packed in a Condor MA26-001 O.D. Gadget Pouch. The pouch can be mounted to your backpack, belt, or a multitude of other locations for your convenience. Add the Wilderness Survival Kit Jr. to your Gear today!

This compact kit consists of:


4 ea. Water purification tablets
1 ea. One-liter Whirlpak standup bag


1 ea. Fresnel Lens
1 ea. Micro lighter
1 ea. Pocket Bellows
1 ea. 1/4" x 4" Ferro Rod w/striker
5 ea. UCO Stormproof matches with a strike pad
24 "x2" Strip of Gorilla tape, wrapped around Ferro rod


7 ea. Small Zip Ties
1 ea. Zipper Whistle
3 ea. Mini Glow sticks
1 ea. Derma safe knife
1 ea. Silva Metro Compass
1 ea. Readyman Survival Dog tag
Approximately 20' of Green Wire
1 ea. Bright Force LR44 Mini Light
2 ea. Large Multi-use Rubber Bands
Approximately 25' of Multicam Micro Cordage


1 ea. Cork
1 ea. Snap-swivel
2 ea. Panfish Hooks
2 ea. Split Shot Weights
4 ea. Swirl-tail Grubs (colors vary)
2 ea. Weighted Jig Heads (colors vary)
1 ea. Pre-hooked Swimbait (colors vary)
Approximately 50' of 8 lb. Monofilament Fishing Line

First Aid:

2 ea. Alcohol Prep-pads
1 ea. #10 Surgical Blade
3 ea. Wound Closure Strips
1 ea. Triple Antibiotic Ointment
3 ea. Large Bandages (brands vary)