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Real Avid Gun Boss AR-15 Cleaning Kit

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Real Avid Gun Boss AR-15 Cleaning Kit

The Gun Boss AR15 Cleaning Kit is a unique, rod-type AR15 cleaning system that's extremely compact so it can be carried anywhere. It contains everything needed to preserve the accuracy and reliability of an AR15. The internal tray holds contents securely. No rattling. Rugged, weather-resistant, zippered case with contents weighing just 8 ounces.

Real Avid Gun Boss AR-15 Cleaning Kit Includes:

  • 5.56/.223 brass brush, phosphor bronze bristles
  • Six coated, threaded rod sections
  • Steel and phosphor bronze chamber brush
  • Nylon, slotted tip
  • Straight and angled metal cleaning picks
  • Bore illuminator/pin punch/safe chamber indicator
  • Bolt carrier brush threaded to accept cleaning rod
  • 5-star chamber cleaning pads
  • 5 pipe cleaners for bolt carrier key, gas tubes
  • 25 synthetic cleaning patches
  • T-handle
  • EVA-molded case
  • No-rattle accessory trays