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Live Fire Ring of Fire


  • 25 ft. 550 FireCord, 1 Live Fire Original Emergency Fire Starter, 1 Ferrocerium Rod & Striker
  • With its slide top lid, Live Fire can also function as a candle when needed
  • Burn times average 30 minutes with the lid completely removed, and much longer when the lid is used
  • Waterproof and can be lighted again and again
  • 550 Fire Cord - It's More Than Just Paracord! Standard 550 Paracord with an 8th inner strand (color-coded and waterproof) used as fire tinder. When you need the fire tinder strand (formulated with Live Fire Gear's properties) light the fire tinder and build the fire. 550 Outer shell can still be utilized for Survival Kits, Zipper Pulls, Handles, Keychains, Bracelets, Necklaces, Lanyards, Boot Laces, & Outdoor Lashings