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An Emergency Survival Fishing Kit packed full of the gear you need to catch fish, and it makes a great addition to your Prepper Supplies!  

Your Pocket Fishing Kit Includes:

  • 1 ea. Cork
  • 50' Monofilament
  • 1 ea. Swivel Snap
  • 1 ea. Scalpel Blade
  • 2 ea. Large Bait Hooks
  • 4 ea. Size 6 Bait Hooks
  • 1 ea. Fly (colors vary)
  • 2 ea. Split Shot Weights
  • 2 ea. Size 6 Panfish Hooks
  • 2 ea. Size 2 Panfish Hooks
  • 1 ea. Swimbait (colors vary)
  • Includes instructions and tips
  • 1 ea. Weighted Jig Head (colors vary)
  • 1 ea. Plastic Pre-form Tube 5" L x 1 1/8" W
  • 1 ea. Crankbait with Treble Hook (colors vary)
  • 2 ea. Panfish Grubs with Tails (colors may vary)
  • 50' 10lb Braided Fishing Line (Multiple uses like making a Trotline!)


    The Benefits of Adding the Survival Fish Kit to your Prepper Gear or Bug Out Kit:

    • It doesn’t take up much space.
    • You can fish in places where you can’t hunt.
    • Fishing line is hard to replicate in nature.
    • This is a mandatory part of any prepper’s EDC gear.
    • Having a way to catch fish as food can be beneficial.
    • Fishing kits are cheaper than an upsized fast food meal.
    • Our Pocket Fishing Kit is compact, lightweight and convenient.
    • Can easily slip down in a pants pocket as you walk out the door.
    • Holds potentially life-saving gear in a relatively compact form.
    • If you find yourself in a survival situation it can become a matter of life or death.
    • During a bug-out situation, you may find you have more time on your hands for fishing.
    • Even if you are not an avid angler, having a survival fishing kit on hand makes sense.
    • For the size and weight, it’s better to have a fishing kit than to fashion supplies out of materials on hand.
    • Meat is a luxury in a survival situation so anything you can do to make it easier to acquire calories is a good thing.

    An Emergency Fishing Kit to Outshine the Rest

    Your search for a quality Every day Carry (EDC) Fishing Kit is over.

    Are you a Survivalist Family or outdoor enthusiast that is looking for the Best Survival Fishing Gear Fishing Kit they can find? Or maybe you're just a novice hiker, camper, or just looking to add a Mini Fishing Kit to your Prepper Bag. Maybe you’re just interested in bringing one of our Fishing Kits along on your next journey? Regardless of your experience level, this Complete Fishing Kit is fit for any trip, giving you the Emergency Fishing Gear necessary to quickly start fishing in the event of an emergency. Nobody wants to be caught off-guard by unforeseen circumstances, making this Survival Fishing Gear a must-have for anybody frequently out in the wild.

    A Bug Out Fishing Kit can mean the difference between surviving or thriving, and no Bug Out Bag Fishing Kit is complete without one of our more than Basic Fishing Kit additions. Our Survival Fishing Tackle kits are sold in an Altoids Tin Fishing Kit and a Soda Preform kit. So, if you’re in the market for a Small Survival Fishing Kit that’ll give you an edge when Emergency Fishing is a must you’ll be thankful you gave our Emergency Survival Fishing Kit a try and remember all of our products are sold with Fast-n-Free Shipping and Returns!
    A Compact Fishing Kit Made with Experience

    We don’t just make them we use them!

    To understand just how effective this product is, it's important to understand where it came from. The man who created this product grew up as a Boy Scout from Mississippi and retired as a 1SG. in the United States Army Special Forces. Throughout his life he gained plenty of experience regarding how to best prepare for emergencies, taking his experience as a Boy Scout out into the real world with his experience in the armed forces.

    Being able to be prepared for anything is one thing but maintaining an attention to detail that makes the entire process intuitive is also essential. And, when you're designing a Micro Fishing Kit, it's necessary to keep it quick, intuitive, and compact.

    The exact colors of each product will vary from kit to kit, but the products included are all the same. Each piece included with this kit is packed in plastic bags according to their group function (i.e. Baits in one bag, hooks in another, etc.).

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